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G'day! Every time I read a new tutorial or article or what have you I feel like it makes certain assumptions about what I should already know. How to open a terminal window, for instance. People are left guessing all too often when it comes to how to operate computers, and it keeps these machines in the realm of fantastical magic box that must either be quietly respected or loudly dismissed. I am to change that, to get more people more familiar with the magic boxes we depend on, and that's what this project is about.

How do you open a terminal window, you ask? Well, I'm assuming we're using some popular GNU+Linux distro like Ubuntu or Pop!_OS or Linux Mint. A Mac will work too, but with Windows you're on your own. In any case you should be able to open a terminal by opening your... what does everyone say these days? 'App drawer?' Open your app drawer, or application menu, or whatever name you might know it by (you can probably do this by hitting the 'Windows' a.k.a. 'Command' key). Then, you be able to do a text search for an app named 'Terminal'. It might have an icon that looks something like this:


which I think is cute, but anyway. There is another way to open a terminal window. If you want to have a terminal open immediately into a particular directory you will often be able to open the directory you want in a file browser - the equivalent to Windows' Explorer - and if you right-click on some blank space, you will be able to select an open to 'Open in terminal' or something similar.

Now, if you'd like to use some of these newfound skills to check out the rest of my tutorial, feel free to download them from here. :+] I hope the download link will be easy to find. Your web browser should give you the option somehow to open the directory you downloaded a file to. If you open that directory in your file browser, then find my .tar.gz archive and right-click on it, you should be able to Extract it into its own folder, from where you should start your terminal adventure. Open the README.md file if you get stuck.


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